Generally, the quantity of concrete used in various construction projects is measured by weight. But, volumetric concrete makes measuring the material more precise as it is produced and delivered according to volume.

By taking concrete delivery from a reputable volumetric concrete supplier, the construction project managers can save money in the long run. As the concrete is ordered and used only in the required quantity, there is no wastage, and overall project expenses stay under control. 

Choosing the right volumetric concrete supplier is the first and most important step. For your help, we have listed the top tips to find a good concrete supplier. So, let's check them out!

How To Find A Reliable Volumetric Concrete Supplier?

Go Through The Company's Website

If you want to know about a concrete supplier's details in an effective way, checking the company's website is the easiest method. Reputable concrete suppliers explain their offerings in detail on their websites. So, check if it contains all the required information. Besides, the given data should be credible and updated.

Also, check out the blog section of the respective concrete supplier. Those with good services are active on their site and post 1-2 blogs every week to inform and educate their audience about the construction industry. In short, you can easily get an idea about the services of a supplier, just by going through the respective website.

If the website of a concrete supplier appeals to you, get in touch with them to further inquire about the services. This way, you can easily connect to a good volumetric concrete supplier.

Read Past Customers' Reviews

Customer reviews are a good resource to know about the quality of concrete suppliers' services. They are submitted by the people who have actually opted for the concrete contractor's services and experienced them. So, they can better tell you about the pros and cons of the respective service.

You can find reviews on the concrete contractors’ own website or under their Google my business profile. Besides, there are several websites available on the internet which are specifically meant for the customer's reviews. If most of the people have submitted good reviews, it means that the services are satisfactory. 

On the other hand, if the majority of reviews contain criticism of the concrete supplier, it means that there is some issue with the services. Reviews can be valuable information sources to get clarity regarding a supplier's volumetric concrete delivery services. 

Compare Prices of Different Suppliers

Price can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a volumetric concrete supplier. So, you are advised to check and compare the construction material prices of different companies before you opt for volumetric concrete delivery.

Now, you might be wondering how you will get to know the current concrete prices in the market. The answer is by searching on the internet and analysing results from credible sources. Once you get an idea about the average material rates, you can start comparing prices from different suppliers.

If the price offered by a supplier is too high or low, you need to be careful while selecting that company. For instance, if the volumetric concrete is offered at a very cheap price, there are high chances that the respective supplier has done cost-cutting in some way. Similarly, there is no benefit in purchasing the material at rates higher than the market average.

Check The Size of Trucks

The requirement of volumetric concrete will depend on your project's needs. If you require material for a large-scale project, the size of the volumetric concrete mixer should also be big. This way, the concrete batches can be produced faster and in large numbers to fulfill the requirement. On the other hand, if your needs for volumetric concrete are limited, a small-sized truck can also serve the purpose.

It also depends on where the construction site is located. If your construction is going on in an area that has a narrow entrance, the large-sized trucks can't go there. So, you need to call a small concrete truck for the volumetric concrete supply. Therefore, it is better to confirm in advance whether the supplier you are choosing has trucks of the required size, or not.

Check Your Site’s Distance From The Supplier

It is important to confirm that the concrete supplier's nearest office is present at a small distance from the construction site. Even if a supplier provides good quality material, it is of no use if the trucks take a long time to reach the construction site. 

Although volumetric concrete is prepared directly at the project site, the problem of unwanted hardening of concrete is not there. But still, if the trucks are taking a lot of hours to reach the construction site, a lot of time is wasted. As a result, the construction project can't be completed according to the pre-decided timeline, which has its own consequences.

Get Recommendations From Your Social Circle

Getting recommendations is possibly the easiest and most effective way to connect with a good volumetric concrete supplier. You can ask for help from your friends, family, and relatives who recently bought materials for construction.

As they have recently availed the concrete contractor's service, they can tell about the respective pros and cons more effectively. While the reviews and ratings can be old and irrelevant to the present-day status of the supplier's services.

Last but not least, people in your social circle will be more honest and less biased toward a specific concrete contractor. Therefore, you will get the right information about a concrete supplying company, which will ultimately allow you to make the right decision.


Volumetric concrete allows you to order and use construction material in accurate amounts and reduce wastage. But, it is important to choose the right supplier to get the best quality concrete and timely delivery of batches. By checking the supplier's website, going through the reviews, comparing the prices, and more, you can easily find a reputable and credible concrete supply company. Afterward, you can start construction work for your project.